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    WinSuperSite's Paul Thurrott notes that Apple's iOS, is mature, reliable, and full-featured, is installed on hundreds of millions of devices, and constitutes one of the single biggest competitors to Windows there is. So it should come as no surprise that the latest version of this software, iOS 5, is a compelling, evolutionary update that all iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch users are going to want to download and install as soon as possible.

    This means, he observes, that Apple isn't attempting to overcome iOS's tired app-based functional model, in which users need to know where to find what they need--in individual apps--and then pop in and out, in and out, in and out, over and over again. Thurrott contends that people who use these devices tend not to even consider alternatives, so aren't even aware that there are in fact better ways of getting things done, that some mobile OSes actually work the way they do, and that they don't have to conform to a rigid model the OS imposes on them.

    Instead they get the abovenoted maturity, reliability, and full-featured of functionality aforementioned. Ergo, iOS is the safe choice, the thing you recommend to your mother or non-technical people, to "normal" people - a huge and growing audience.

    Digitimes' Ninelu Tu and Steve Shen say that recent market speculation indicates that Apple is likely to launch a lower-cost iPad model with prices ranging from US$250-299 in early 2012 to smooth the transition between iPad 2 and iPad 3 and to take on Amazon's Kindle Fire, although others believe Apple is still on-track to release the iPad 3 in the first half of 2012 as scheduled and that there won't a low-priced transitional model.

    Digitimes Research's Nobunaga Chai says that the success of Apple's iOS devices has reshaped the consumer electronics industry landscape and triggered a sales boom of portable CE products, with Apple product demand simultaneously spurring improvements in semiconductor fabrication technology, since Apple's designs demand highly-integrated microprocessors in order to emphasize low power consumption and the smallest possible form-factors.

    Chai reports that Apple is expected to overtake Samsung and become the world's second-largest chip purchaser in 2011, noting that Samsung has been the exclusive manufacturer of Apple's existing A-series processors, despite also competing directly as its biggest customer in the smartphone and tablet PC markets. Samsung also supplies mobile DRAM assembled using package-on-package (PoP) technology for Apple's iOS devices powered by its A4 and A5 chips.

    However, escalating patent lawsuits between Apple and Samsung have reportedly encouraged Apple to reduce reliance on chip supplies from Samsung, an Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) poised as most likely to replace Samsung as Apple's major foundry partner - already actively negotiating with Apple about potential cooperation by proving its mass production yields on 28nm for manufacturing the next-generation A-series processors.

    The Canadian Press reports that a new handwashing study released on Global Handwashing Day has found that cellphones teem with bacteria, some species of which should send you running for the nearest washbasin and soap.

    Sixteen per cent of hands and mobile phones examined for the study that was conducted by University of London researchers in 12 U.K. cities were even found to carry E. coli, which originates in fecal matter and can cause diarrhea and vomiting or much worse such as kidney failure or even death in certain instances.

    An analysis found 92 per cent of phones and 82 per cent of hands had traces of some type of bacteria on them, and in some cases were "extraordinarily contaminated" with thousands of bacteria that could potentially pose a health risk to the user, sich as Staphylococcus aureus that was detected on between 25 and 30 percent of hands and phones surveyed. At the time of the report's posting, testing was ongoing to determine whether the difficult-to-treat "superbug," methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus, is among the bacteria found on phones.

    Morgan used four benchmark apps to measure CPU and GPU power on both iPhones plus both iPads, and shares what he observed, noting that the iPhone 4S is definitely faster than the iPhone 4 but logging Geekbench's overall scores 63% to 68% faster rather than twice as fast in processor speed and in the graphics column 4.7 to 6.2 times faster than an iPhone 4 running GLBenchmark's "Egypt High," also nor shabby, but not seven times faster. Morgan also measured improved performance for Javascript and OpenGL based apps, and concludes that while it would have been nice to have LTE 4G support, overall he's very pleased with the new iPhone 4S.

    with the biggest hardware differentiator between the 4 and 4S not being the dual-core processor, but the upgraded megapixel camera that takes exquisite photos observing that everything about the still and video camera capabilities of the 4S is absolutely stellar, making it the first cellphone camera that doesn't appear to filter its subject matter through the eyes of a fast-moving drunk.

    The 4S comes with all kinds of major and minor improvements, notable Apple's new iCloud service and unfortunately for Research In Motion Ltd. the debut of iMessage, an instant messaging service that seems purpose-built to steal users from BlackBerry Messenger allowing chat with friends for almost no cost.

    But Al Akkad observes that the "one more thing" that makes the 4S fascinating, and may one day be remembered as a milestone in the Star Trek-ization of consumer technology, is the iPhone 4S's intelligent voice recognition system and digital butler called Siri.

    Gurman says Troughton-Smith was able to get the beginning steps of a full port rolling after installing the iPhone 4S Siri and Springboard files onto an iPhone 4, and has posted a video showing that Siri's interface loads up with all the features from the iPhone 4S implementation.

    Harretz's Sivan Klingbail reports that there were two foci of excitement in New York on Friday - Zuccotti Park, by Wall Street, and the Apple Store on 5th Avenue. At Zuccotti Park, people banged on drums and sang, hoping to avert the evacuation of the Occupy Wall Street movement by police. Outside the Apple Store, a line snaked down the road of people waiting to buy the iPhone 4S.

    Klingbail observes that much of the "Occupy" protest is being conducted over Facebook, tempting critics to point out that the antibusiness protesters, equipped to the eyeballs with computers, iPads and music players, "don't understand that it's only by virtue of entrepreneurs like Steve Jobs that jobs are created."

    CTVNews.ca's Maurice Cacho says that while the iPhone 4S doesn't look radically different than its predecessor, under the hood you'll find the same dual-core A5 processor found in the iPad 2 which leta it tear through tasks with the ease of a circular saw cutting through cardboard and process multimedia more rapidly. Then thre's the much-improved 8-megapixel, 1080p HD camera with a new fifth lens element appears to capture sharper images with better light and colour balance, plus Siri - a digital personal assistant that accepts voice commands and reads out audible responses.

    Who needs a pocket when you can wear your brand new iPhone 4S as a cool belt buckle? This belt buckle comes with attachments to make it into a belt (with a metal piece you actually loop your belt through on which it hangs), or pocket holster. Your phone sits securely inside the brass or aluminum sheath and when you want to use your phone - simply flip the case top and remove your iPhone for use. The sides are inlaid with beautiful Pau Ferro wood. The top moves easily on stainless steel hinges and is held firmly shut with a strong rare earth magnet.

    Web-design and development company, Creanncy has introduced Camera Fast for iPad 2 and iPhone 4S. Camera Fast for iPad 2 and iPhone 4S is one of the most powerful camera photo apps in the App Store. With Camera Fast app you can take better photos directly from app and edit them on the go with different tools, filters and effects. You can use this app on iPad first and second generation, but full app power and advantage you can get on iPad 2 and iPhone 4S.

    Camera Fast for iPad 2 and iPhone 4S v1.0 is $4.99/$2.99 USD (or equivalent amount in other currencies) and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Photo Video category. Buy and enjoy! We provide full app support by email.

    iDevelopersLab today has announced the release and immediate availability of Camera DSLR PRO for iPad 2 and iPhone 4 (4S). Camera DSLR PRO contains profesional features you may ever need for making photos with your iPad 2 iPhone 4S. Camera DSLR PRO contains profesional features you may ever need for making photos with your iPad 2 iPhone 4S.

    Camera DSLR PRO for iPad 2/iPhone 4 (v1.0) is $4.99 USD/$2.99 USD (or equivalent amount in other currencies) and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Photo Video category.

    Newsstand is a new feature that allows consumers to find digital news and magazine products in one dedicated place on the App Store and arrange them in one easy-to-organize bookshelf. New York Times subscribers will receive new updates automatically on their iPad, iPhone and iPod touch devices. These updates, including the most recent cover art, will appear in Newsstand.

    "Our apps are designed to bring our rich news and content to Times enthusiasts wherever they are. Newsstand offers a meaningful way for users to easily get to their news, and we are excited to be a part of it," says Yasmin Namini, senior vice president, marketing and circulation, and general manager, reader applications, The New York Times Media Group.

    The upgraded version of the NYTimes app for iPad includes improved navigation abilities, such as vertical swiping between sections, access to all sections from any article page in the app and the ability to pinch to close an article and return to the section front. It also includes full Twitter integration.

    Goggin observes, "Our 7 years working with the BlackBerry gives us the know-how to import this data and work with backup files. In fact, for many years, Research In Motion licensed our Mac-BlackBerry sync software."

    Every copy of BerryMover comes with a complete video tutorial on how to import BlackBerry data to your iPhone. The app also includes the ability to import data from more than one backup file. This means that you can pull data from several backup files.

    "Our customers ask us every day how they can get data from their old device to their new iPhone," says Goggin. It's holding them back and costing them money. Its not uncommon for them to have a ton of data they need moved and thats what BerryMover does."

    Wondershare Software is joining in the celebration of the much anticipated iPhone 4S launch by offering new iPhone 4S customers easy and economical solutions for enjoying content on their new iPhones. With Wondershare software, iPhone fans can convert and transfer their non-iTunes purchased video, music, audiobook, and eBook content to their new iPhones, and create ringtones, manage and backup their iTunes libraries, and much more.

    Apple's iPhone 4S, is being touted as the most advanced iPhone yet and with good reason. The new device features a new dual-core A5 CPU that is up to 2X faster than previous iPhones, an 8 Megapixel camera with 1080P video recording capability, and Siri voice activated messaging reminders. Additionally, the iPhone 4S is now available in more countries and on more networks, and pre-orders of the iPhone 4S shattered the million-unit mark prior to today's availability.

    Wondershare offers several highly regarded iPhone-companion software titles that allow users to maximize their entertainment experience and both manage and protect the content on their new iPhone 4S. Through October 31st, iPhone 4S customers can save $10 on each of these Wondershare titles from the Wondershare online store:

    Video Converter Ultimate -- A video conversion utility that allows videos in virtually any format to be quickly converted and transferred to the iPhone with fantastic quality. Users can rip DVDs to enjoy on the iPhone, capture web videos from popular video sharing sites for off-line viewing, edit videos and create iPhone-ready ringtones from any audio source. The Video Converter Ultimate is available on Windows Macintosh.

    iTunBack -- An easy-to-use transfer tool for copying merging content from the iPhone to a user's iTunes account when the content on the iPhone wasn't purchased via iTunes. Users can quickly and easily transfer music, movies, playlists, TV shows, podcasts, ringtones, voice memos, ebooks, and even audiobooks to their iTunes library. iTunBack is available on Windows.

    Streaming Audio Recorder -- A free application for conveniently capturing streaming audio from popular online Internet radio stations and websites. Users can also discover song information including artist, album cover and track name, and save audio to the computer and transfer to the iPhone for enjoying anywhere, anytime. Streaming Audio Recorder is available on Windows.

    To receive the special $10 discount, users need only purchase one of the mentioned iPhone companion products and enter coupon code IP5-45K2D469SB at checkout. It's that simple. To learn more about these and other fine Wondershare software products or to place an order, please visit:

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